About Zhu


Zhuorui Fu, @1995, style journalist & entrepreneur based in New York, London, & Paris. Solo female wanderer. #elegance #coolness #independence are my keys.

Founder of O! MungBeanForum Magazine, Zhuorui Fu Collection, and Recipicious.

Humbly dipped at University of St Andrews, the College of William and Mary, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Have been to the lesser happy parts, but enjoy the finer things in life.


I often write and engage with contents relating to cultures, adventures, literature, style, sustainability, and businesses. I sometimes talk about society. I love ocean. I do box, yoga, read, and do films. I love authentic and natural people and things.

Literature work IP:

Plot, a modern thriller on a sinful writer’s rebellion to the seemingly unassailable social caste system. The 8-chapter novella involves life and death, killings, betrayal, business wars, infactuation, urbanisation, and the ultimate dual personality in everyone’s body


I also aim to finish a saga about a revolution in the Tang Dynasty (AD 600 ish) in 5 years. I had the idea since I was a young girl. The book will be in Chinese.