Paris Q3 2016

Re-edit (21/10/2017): Since the summer of 2014, I started spending time equally among New York, London, and Paris. The memories of that summer of 2014 was awestruck to an 18-year old girl. My plunge into Paris was partially fueled by my study in French the language and majorly motivated by the search for feminity and the sense of culture. Strange enough, as much as London and New York non-British and non-American, Paris is too-French that elsewhere in France seems to dwarf in front of her. Although my lack of language sometimes made situation embarrassing, the City of Lights has been kind to me maybe because we both share that “I am the queen” sense of self-eroding arrogance. As the City sees my evolutions, in the same multitude as London and New York have given me, here are a few fun things we have done last year, with a few intrusion of student activity.

Q3 2016 Log

Paris is the ultimate fashion and culture capital: chic, private, and relaxing. Unless you are a student or you work in Paris. In this case, one tends to spend the majority of the time burying his or her nose in books.


– Spending time at Sciences Po. library can be daunting. One may spend time in Le Basile, but for true experience, one needs to get a temporary card and crash the damp cold and little cubicle of SciPo Library.

Re-edit (21/10/2017): No-offense to the library. I am personally a cafe person. In fact, many great men, including the current and the past presidents, have written some giant pieces in the library that changed the fate of the nation.

– Alternatively, St Germains offers some choices one may not easily thought of. Later I wrote many parts of my dissertation thesis at the modern underground lounge Cafe des Freres Prevert of Musee Maillol.  


– How can one forget about oysters? Welcome to snap a sundown dinner at Mabillion. Huitrerie Regis is small but deliberately decorated with a keen sense of chic.

Re-edit (21/10/2017): Despite the trend of many young people to hate oysters, I am a devotee. So you may see more updates until some day I lose interest.


Centre Pompidou may sound a cliche for its touristy labels and snob attitude. However, when weather is good, nothing can really beat the feeling of viewing Paris from the top of central Paris.

Centre Pompidou
We all have that friend that insisted of going to the tourist-centre on top of Pompidou, but the view is not too bad.


– Bastille, the go-to place for clubbing, concert, drink and anything you want for fun. I cannot remember for how many nights I have been dancing, clapping hands, and hopping from bar to bar around La Republic.


– Latin Quartier, the student budgeted area, where I happened to once drink bucket of Sangria with 2 other people and dance Shakira until 4am. From Latin Quartier, I also managed to ride a public bicycle with my friend to my home in Saint Germains at 5am, drunk.

Latin Quartier

Montmartre, the ultimate view of Paris and the savage little sister of Lady Paris. Be careful of the pick-pocket but enjoy a bottle of wine, some picnic snacks, and music. Bring a guitar if you have one and sing what is in your heart at Sacre-Coeur.


– Party at Avenue Montaigne. For some reason we decided to rent an apartment on Avenue Montaigne, one of the most luxurious, if not the most luxurious, street in Paris, and threw a big open party.


– Get a cat. As much as Parisians love cats and New Yorkers love dogs, I found some amusement with my neighbours’ je-ne-sais-quoi cat.



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