New York 2016

Re-edit (28/10/2017): I managed to collect a few things that constructed my winter in New York in 2016. From the then-time, which was still the happy student Zhu time, to the now-time, much has happened and focus moulded into a different level.


01/2017 Log:


– When I caught up with Parsons School of Design student, designer Yimin Deng, I was introduced to his world of Yiminism. Yimin concentrates on menswear. His work unveils the in-demand concepts: simplicity, fair-treatment, and environment.

Re-edit (28/10/2017): Yimin was my lowerclassman from the same high school. His work focuses on sustainability, which is a trendy yet hard thing to pursue. I admire him for his royalty to the concept. He paid the seamstresses working for him the above-average salary rate, which was a rarefind in the dog-eat-dog NY world.


– We had a great time skiing in Hunter Mountain, which is 2-hour drive from the City. While I bruised most of the time, the place is worth of recommending for all levels.

^Above is the 2016 version v. 2015 version, did I improve?

– Chelsea Gallery Hunt

Chelsea Galley Hunt


Turnstyle became the new of 57th Str. I walked pass it and saw TV reporting. The new vegan place Blossom du Jour has the seitan “un-chicken” with a keen chicken flavour better than chicken.

John Dory’s Oyster Bar is old-style and simply serves good food with a good price.

Re-edit (28/10/2017): Told you we would have more oysters.

China Blue in TriBeCa serves authentic Shanghainese food and has an old 80s atmosphere. Great Chinese food, from a real Chinese’ mouth.

Christmas & New Year Eve:

– To be a true New Yorker, you need to watch Nutcracker of Lincoln Centre. Testimony from a Nutcracker fan: “Lincoln Centre’s is the best among all!”

– What is better than cruising through Hudson River and watching the firework? Avoid the crowd at Ball Drop and enjoy life a little bit more.

NY FIrework


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