9 Characteristics of An Urbanite – Why Our Story Starts

9 Characteristics of An Urbanite:

1. You live a meaningful and experience-rich urban life.
2. You succeed in multiple areas of life (not just career).
3. You get substantial fulfillment from work (not just cash).
4. You are at the hub of a large friendship network.
5. Your see “true love” in the modern world.
6. You make time in order to have and enjoy time.
7. You have a progressive government that delivers results.
8. You reside in a pleasant “urban village” area of the city.
9. You lead a responsible life as an urban consumer.

My name is Zhu. I adopted above rules from Metro “Great Expectations” of an urbanite. Forever time-crunched, I stumbled into this survival kit: book to eat with friends 30 days in advance, flake last minute, and stay polished.

Most of the time, the fantasized appearance of an effortless city girl is hollow in heart. In cities where everyone seems to live like Gastby, my tiny existence dwarfed. I asked my friend Liaoran, an architecture student in New York, of how to have a good life.

He rolled his eyes as if I had raised the stupidest question on earth. Did not take off his sunglasses, he said, “What, dude? You think too much. I just want to focus on my architecture. As long as my things are good, there will be people that like them. You are in New York, where the whole world wants. As long as you have good value, it radiates to elsewhere.”

I did not have an end yet, but I continued to look for an inspiring style. So I start this blog to record embarrassing moments and the beauty beyond. I write about my findings in New York, London, and Paris, where I fail to afford my rent, but manage to capture some thoughts and manners. I describe my get-aways, where I pretend to observe cultures and groove-moves. A Chinese girl, I also ponder on East/West hybrid. Sometimes I write about the education I had in UPENN, where people have more IQ and money than me. I share my opinion, and I hope you may find these stories entertaining through the eyes of an untalented duckling girl.

For any reason you honoured my page, I am deeply grateful. Spent most of my years as a  jobless millennial with non-traditional life, I would kiss the toes or the ground before my pharaohs, who casted even the slightest sight to my humble creativity.

In all, from all the new cafe spots, the people, the new ways of exploring the depth of life, from this blog or those that belong to the creative circle, I hope you are happy with your living. After all, we the urbanites, have the best resources. Transportation is stagnant, pressure cracks on shoulders, but we have a chance for motion and growth. Among 60 million people in the world, many do not have a chance. By the time you are about to finish this pointless article, you and I have at least a dubious digital device.

So behold my readers. May everyday be a chance to live up to our diverse potentials. Welcome to Urbanite.


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