The Books I Chopped Off H1 2017: A Book Recommendation

My recommendation of books from H1 2017


Book Recommendation 2016

The Woman I Wanted to Be  Author: DVF Quote: "That is why it is so important to waste no time.  " My take: the book tells DVF's early life until her success. A sexy lady and the legend of fashion, DVF touched me with her personal take and has inspired me to do similar things: party… Continue reading Book Recommendation 2016

Vera Wang Summer 2015 Collection at Ritz Carlton Shenzhen

The presentation of Vera Wang is dreamy as usual. Her story as the Queen for Wedding Dress inspires generations of girls. I am also very proud that my hometown Shenzhen is becoming the focal point of international attention (of fashion) in China. - Event edit for VW 2015 Summer Collection at Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen   Re-edit (11/10/2017): Only after… Continue reading Vera Wang Summer 2015 Collection at Ritz Carlton Shenzhen