Cyprus: Diana and Shamit’s Wedding

I. What is heaven on earth? II. I received the invitation to Diana's wedding in Cyprus in mid-September. The period witnessed the dismantlement of my venture and my sacked pocket from Mexico. I was hesitant to go to a remote land. Diana and I met in a ash-grey London evening a year and half ago… Continue reading Cyprus: Diana and Shamit’s Wedding


My Lover in Jamaica: How the Other Half Lived

Re-edit (13/10/17): My little fun incident while I was in Jamaica. The connection itself is not a significant one as the catchy title, but it inspired me consequential thinkings on the issue of equality.         How the other half lived?         People coming from a higher educational background similar to mine… Continue reading My Lover in Jamaica: How the Other Half Lived

摩洛哥见闻 (Deja Vu in Morocco)

Re-edit (11/10/2017): There is no English version for the article, as at the time, I was only feeling the writing-sensation in Chinese. This is a story about my new discovery on the second visit on a surfing trip to Morocco, which I formerly swore to never go back.         重回摩洛哥,又是别样风景。相比三年前初次拜访伊斯兰国家的不安,这次似乎司空见惯。每次拜访一个社会,只有第二次甚至更多次时,才会收获一些更有趣、似乎更深层次的见闻。    … Continue reading 摩洛哥见闻 (Deja Vu in Morocco)