Style is made by tears, sweats, errs, laughter, all the traces the wrinkles on our skin, not just a replaceable garment made today or tomorrow.


To A Love Before Time

I.         What is Coco before Chanel?         Before Gabriel Chanel became Coco Chanel, she had a grand lover called Boy Capel. Boy Capel is the real English gentleman that knew the ins and outs of aristocratic world of Chanel's time. Different from the upper-class gentries, he is a hipster for that… Continue reading To A Love Before Time

France, Fashion, and Pulse of History II

        Gabrielle Chanel, the little girl from suburbs, is stubborn, weird, and talented. She adventurously stepped into the favourable world of the history and gave herself a colosseum empire of fashion across decades. Tapped the right pulse of time torrent, she became Mademoiselle Coco Chanel.         History, always on the turning… Continue reading France, Fashion, and Pulse of History II

France, Fashion, and Pulse of History I

Re-edit (13/10/2017): I had the fortune to meet Ms. Rhonda Garelick, the writer of the book Mademoiselle: Coco Chanel and the Pulse of History, which inspired me to write these two pieces about partial French fashion. Ms. Garelick and I met at the Regards Croises, A Discussion on French & American Fashion event, where we enjoyed the… Continue reading France, Fashion, and Pulse of History I