My Home is Not My Home: Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Aftermath.

Like many other societies, China had sailed fast; like the palms of Jykell and Hyde, good and bad. I started my grand trip of Eastern 3 cities: Shenzhen, Shanghai, & Hong Kong this Thanksgiving break. The opinions might not be the most comprehensive, yet may the attempt snatch some tinkering. Upon landing, I wheeled into… Continue reading My Home is Not My Home: Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Aftermath.


Mucho Amor: Mexico City Earthquake and My Thigh Pain

Prior to landing, I was not aware the severity of the earthquake. Secluded from the negativity of headlines, I had the bleak idea that a national emergency was alerted in Mexico and many people had lost their lives in the double disaster of an earthquake and a storm. However, I was too naive to believe that Mexico City, as the metropolitan capital of a big economy, would stay intact. When I arrived at my Condesa flat, I witnessed the fallen bricks around my anti-seismic building. The social workers tied the yellow ribbons with red danger signs around the bungalows. Shops shut up. Grounds broke.

Gimme A Cup of Matcha Latte – Why URBANITE Starts II

I. "Matcha Latte, oats." I walked into Old Country Cafe on the street of 34th at the west side. "Old style, sweetheart. You get it." Peter has known me by now. Same as Ally. I turned the hidden cafe into my daily office, and I only drank the oat milk matcha latte, like a crippled… Continue reading Gimme A Cup of Matcha Latte – Why URBANITE Starts II

My 10 Wharton Takeaways

I finished the half-semester class Entrepreneurial Management at Wharton. 6 weeks, the class stuffed 20 years of venture experiences. In this whirlwind speed, I did not know how I had the fortune to be a part nor was I aware how my inexperience had terribly pained the instructor. Regardless, to memorise this class, like I… Continue reading My 10 Wharton Takeaways