Montenegro & Debate on Trade War

Re-edit (12/10/17): The trip to Montenegro expanded my understanding of eastern Europe. The take I had one year ago was in the sphere of Economics as I was still a stubborn Economics student then. One year later, I am happy that the incarnation of my skills and mindsets opened up. I could have written a… Continue reading Montenegro & Debate on Trade War


Friedrich Hayek: The Use of Knowledge

        Hayek is one of the most recognisable names on liberal economy theories. Countless articles and YouTube videos are made on the century battle of Keynes versus Hayek. The battle itself is played on paper, but the influence of this Economic split is ever influential. Amid the lacklustre global economic activities following a… Continue reading Friedrich Hayek: The Use of Knowledge

Warren Buffett: the Snowball

     The comment is only about Snowball and the character it exhibited.      Buffett has enthralled many commentators, students, celebrities, and investors. According to Snowball, this may partially come from his keen on preaching his thoughts and sharing. For those who tried to read him or copy him including me, we often find his sophistication lies in some of… Continue reading Warren Buffett: the Snowball