9 Characteristics of An Urbanite – Why Our Story Starts

Rule #6, Make time in order to have and enjoy time. How do us, Urbanites, find growth in cities? What to learn? This is how Urbanite story begins.


Montenegro & Debate on Trade War

Re-edit (12/10/17): The trip to Montenegro expanded my understanding of eastern Europe. The take I had one year ago was in the sphere of Economics as I was still a stubborn Economics student then. One year later, I am happy that the incarnation of my skills and mindsets opened up. I could have written a… Continue reading Montenegro & Debate on Trade War

Montenegro Daydream Sep 2016

Re-edit (22/10/2017): I sat at a Montenegrin cafe by the shiny ripples and met a Montenegrin-American lady, who was revisiting her family after two decades apart. She had fled to Oregon during the civil war. Despite of the beautiful landscapes of Oregon, the lady still went back to Kotor every summer. When I asked her… Continue reading Montenegro Daydream Sep 2016